The fifth edition of CESI workshop is accepted as an ICSE workshop. It will take place 23rd of May 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

You will find all important information at CESI Website.

With regard to the topic, we had some discussions whether we should go back to the roots of empirical software engineering, in particular addressing empirical methods or whether we should address new, trendy topics such as Big Data. Finally, Big Data won (somehow). For this year, we are looking forward to papers addressing this topic, e.g., answering questions like:

  • how can we make use of big data in empirical software engineering?
  • if we talk about big data systems, how do we empirically evaluate them respectively do we need to tackle their development differently?
  • are there any empirical studies (case studies) about digitization available?
  • do we have big data from/about software development life cycle?

There are many more questions. Never the less, we also welcome papers presenting high-light empirical studies, lessons learned from conducting empirical studies in industry, as well as reports from industry about how they made use out of empirical studies?